Spinging Rings

As a young girl I remember vividly spinning wildly in a circle, hands outstretched to catch the wind. In the 60’s everyone was outside, everyday in all kinds of weather. Kids would gather in the street, on lawns, up in the trees…anywhere and everywhere. The game I most remember, besides tag, was spinning; the one who could stay on their feet the longest without getting dizzy and falling down was the winner! We would play for hours until my grandmother’s high pitch voice would beckon us to come in as dinner was being served and night was quickly descending upon the earth.

Spinning…is it still an endearing game…does it still fascinate us…and if so, why?

While we were in Virginia visiting our son and his wife this past February, Mark began to spin his titanium wedding band. He and I watched it twirl fast, catching the light of the overhead chandelier, but the thrill lasted only 20 seconds at best. Mark got really good at spinning his ring, but the ahhhh moment was too brief, and gone was the wonder all too quickly. He was determined to set it just right upon his dining room table and with each challenge got better and better at making his ring spin for a few seconds longer with each thrust. That’s when I grabbed my camera and began shooting. I too was enthralled and wanted the moment to be captured. A childhood moment…a moment of innocence and joy…a brief moment stopped in time as we watched an object twirl with great speed as it captured the light of the room.

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