An Unforgiving Winter

An Unsettled Harbor with watermark-8016

Winter settled very late upon Long Island, NY in 2014.  Early in the season the sun was shining, the birds were singing and while it was 30 degrees outside, the whipping winds and arctic snow blasts had not yet dropped upon us.  Christmas came and went and the New Year was welcomed warmly…the “white stuff” was no where to be seen or found.  We, the Islanders, thought that we were going to escape the brutality of last year’s winter; but were we wrong.  Within a week of the new year the temperature dropped into the single digits, the harbor froze over and your guessed it…the snow came!  We are 2 weeks away from spring, as of this writing, and it’s still snowing on Long Island!  We miss the warmth of the sun and the song of the yellow warbler as he darts among the trees at West Meadow Beach. The weatherman is telling us to hold on, and we will; for not only are we a long Island, we are a Strong Island.

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