An Old Friend

I accompanied my seventh graders on a field trip to the Norwalk Aquarium.  Not only did we have an awesome time learning, but I got to spend some time with someone my own age; a well seasoned Loggerhead Turtle.
After settling my “little ones” down, once the lights were turned off, I found myself unable to sleep, so I quietly retuned to the tank where the turtles were. Throughout the day I found myself returning often to that tank so that I could photograph these amazing creatures, but every time I did, they seemed restless, moving to and fro throughout the tank too far away for my camera. To my delight when I returned in the night, the largest of the female Loggerhead’s was laying her head next to the glass, almost beckoning me to sit and stay a while with her…so I did.  I ran my hand on the class w anting so badly to pet her head…I wanted to know where she had been, what her story was.Her eyes opened wide and we stared at each other for what seemed hours.
Loggerhead 01-3209

I examined her shell, her flippers, but most importantly – her eyes!  They were full of beauty and full of wisdom…her story could be seen through them.  There were no words exchanged, there didn’t need to be!

Loggerhead 01-3169

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