Little BUT Feisty!

This is Little Miss Madison.
She is absolutely adorable and was born with a zest for life. Her eyes twinkle and her body shakes at the thought of heading out on a new and exciting adventure. Madison kayaks with me in the summer at our lake home in upstate New York, but we are hundreds of miles away from that lake and winter is almost upon us.
I arrived in North Carolina 10 days ago and was greeted by this precious little seven pounder whose feisty little spirit was itching to feel the breeze on her face once again, soaring, not 8” off the ground but 4’, high in the air moving at an unfathomable 7 mph!
In an effort to help her scratch that itch, I decided to make a little nest in the front basket of kris’ banana bike and take her for a ride. Centering her little body in that nest and flinging her little paws over the bike handles Madison’s body was screaming, “let’s go On an adventure Mimi!”
We have had 10 adventures with many more to come over the next few days. Madison doesn’t need to be coaxed to head out on these excursions, her little nest is all she needs to see and she bolts for the door. This little one keeps reminding me to always keep an adventurous spirit, one that wants to soar higher and faster with each passing moment!

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