An unexpected friend

The anole lizards in NC are as common as the squirrels in NY. This little one allowed me to photograph him and to sit with him awhile today. His behavior was slow and he assumed the ca to tonic position after each movement wondering if I was a friend or a foe. He was gentle and sweet and brought a deeper silence to the day.
Good morning new little friend!

Life within

A new life – conceived, growing, concealed in darkness, heart beating, brain expanding.
A new little one ready to join billions of other humans upon this earth.
With his first breath, he will cry, “I am alive and well!” And while it may look like he is just settling in on this planet, O no just the opposite, he has already placed his mark upon this world. He has been in the heart of his mother and father for 13 years and has been with his Father in heaven for all of eternity. This new little one screams, “LIVE!”

A new life does that for us who have walked this earth for decades…he will bring forth a hope and a longing that life will and can go on. This little tiny human is the essence of that hope, and a love that demands not to be explained.